GTA Online: Car Duplication Exploit Finally Patched!

GTA Online seems to be more popular than it ever has, and this can be attributed to Rockstar's continued support for the game mode.

With on-going rumors they intend to release a sole version of GTA Online sometime soon, players are still grinding away to try and become the best.

However, from time to time a new exploit/glitch appears that briefly runs the enjoyment of the game for some players.

The hot topic in GTA Online as of late has been the car duplication exploit, which has proved as a sneaky way to earn some quick cash.

Now, Rockstar has patched this according to sources on Twitter. 



Over the last couple of weeks, players found a new exploit that allowed them to duplicate vehicles with the help of the Mobile Operations Center. 

This allowed them to sell the car they duplicated for some easy money, while basically having to do not work.

This upset some fans of the game, as they thought it was an unethical way to earn money. 

Players used this glitch for a few weeks, but a new source by Rockstar insider TezFunz2 has noted they patched it during a background update over the weekend. 

TezFunz2 notes: 

Background update 

-A fix to address some issues with Business Battles.

Patched a workaround for MOC dupe glitch. #GTAOnline

It is nice to see Rockstar patching this glitch before it gets to out of hand. 


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