GTA Online Car Delivery Glitch Causing Frustration For Players

GTA Online has a new bug that affects vehicle delivery for players.

Rather than mechanics dropping vehicles right to your location, GTA Online has started sending them to seemingly random areas of the map.

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GTA Online Car Delivery Glitch Causing Frustration For Players 

As spotted by Reddit user Choice_Ad_8423, the glitch caused a vehicle delivery to spawn a mile away.

Ordered my Toreador and it spawned a mile away. Wtf R*

While players can always steal a car, if you're trying to avoid unwanted attention and just get your shiny new vehicle, it's a bit of an issue.

That said, at least you can just request redelivery of the car, right? Wrong, or at least not for two minutes thanks to a cooldown timer between mechanic deliveries.

It sounds like other users have been similarly affected by the bug, which while not game-breaking is undoubtedly frustrating for online car collectors.

Here's hoping there's a fix coming soon.

In better news, Rockstar recently clamped down on a manufacturer selling cheats for GTA Online.

Find out more here.

There's also an increased payout for the Cayo Perico heist this week.

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