GTA 6 Online: What Grand Theft Auto 6 Can Learn From GTA Online

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Despite there being so much discussion and hype surrounding GTA 6, GTA Online is still one of the most played multiplayer components of all time; there are still a countless number of people logging in every day to race against their friends or rob a bank.

Of course, no game is perfect and Rockstar Games received heavy criticism when GTA V first released.

GTA Online at launch was nowhere near what it is today, and we hope Rockstar can learn from these mistakes for GTA 6.

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Game Economy: Inflation, Expensive Items Etc

Back when GTA V originally released, no-one really had any money to spend; most players you would encounter during GTA Online were all wearing the same generic clothing items and didn't own a house.

So, at the time, expensive items were VERY expensive, and it seemed near impossible to be able to purchase a fancy suit or nice car.

As time went on, players got more money and eventually, they were able to afford such luxuries, and this prompted Rockstar to inflate all the prices.

If players were to start their journey in GTA Online now, they would never be able to afford anything unless they purchased the deluxe online edition of the game.

Fixing this issue in GTA 6 is vital, instead of raising the price of everything over the years; keep it the same and add new expensive items for veterans of the game.


More Heists Upon Launch

The next point is going off of the assumption that GTA 6 is going to have the heist component, which was by far the best aspect of GTA V's single-player.

Forming crews with your friends, strategically coordinating when and where you are going to execute a heist is a feeling no other game can make you feel. 

Although heists were so universally loved, we did not have many options to choose from when GTA Online commenced.

Even after release, Rockstar took some before they added more heists for players to try out, and they are still adding them to this date.

Going forward, it seems crucial that Rockstar implements as many heists as possible for launch; players would be ecstatic with this decision and it can truly make GTA 6 one of the best multiplayer experiences.  

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