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GTA 5 Online Weekly Update (17 June): Time, Day, Discounts, Events, Podium Vehicle, Free Cash, Activities, Bonuses And More

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UPDATE - As per RedDeadNet on Twitter, there is no new GTA Online Event week this week. Which would mean the online event week which began on June 10 will last for two weeks, ending on June 24. We're still double checking for ourselves but it does appear that way. As noted by the twitter account, this might mean Rockstar has some news to share. Stay tuned. More to follow.

Original Story - Another weekly update for GTA Online in June 2021 is fast approaching. Get ready for another week of discounts, bonus activities and a new Podium Car!


With a new week underway, players will have multiple methods for making money this week in GTA 5 Online.

In April players could get their hands on the brand new Grotti Itali RSX, Dinka Blista Kanjo, Albany V-STR, RE-7B and the Übermacht Revolter. Throughout May we've had the Vapid Winky , Drift Yosemite and Canis Freecrawler. But what will June bring us?

While we're hopeful that some news will arrive regarding GTA 6 in 2021, at least we have something to keep us occupied with the Expanded and Enhanced edition coming later this year.

But what's available in GTA Online this week? Let's find out.

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GTA Online Weekly Update (June 17)

The GTA Online Weekly Update for June 10, 2021 is still live. The current event week will last until the next event week begins on June 17, 2021 at 9am BST.


Cayo Perico Panther Statue

The Cayo Perico Heist's most coveted item, the Panther Statue, is no longer available in-game (though it was a few weeks ago). The event week loot is no longer available to steal from the island, so you'll have to make do with the other loot.

Podium Vehicle

  • Överflöd Entity XF (Price: $795,000)

Is the Overflöd Entity XF worth it? We'll have a review for you shortly, but for now, here's a look at the car's in-game description:

"High taxes, socialism, constant darkness… Sweden really is proof that, if you fill a country full of hot women, people will put up with a wretched landscape. By pussying out of armed conflicts for the past 200 years and focusing instead on investment in education, healthcare and manufacturing, the Swedes now enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world. The result is a nation that's terrible at democracy but excellent at making ridiculously fast sportscars."— Legendary Motorsport description.

GTA Online Överflöd Entity XF two-door hypercar
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Bonus GTA$ and RP Activities

3x GTA$ & RP on -

  • Extraction Adversary Mode

2x GTA$ & RP on -

  • VIP Work
  • Bodyguards/Associates Payout
  • Vehicle Cargo Sell Missions
  • Simeon's Export Requests

Discounted Content

Cars & Other Vehicles -

  • 35% off B-11 Strikeforce (GTA$ 2,470,000)
  • 35% off Buckingham Volatus (GTA$ 1,491,750)
  • 40% off Benefactor Stirling GT (GTA$ 585,000)
  • 40% off Pfister 811 (GTA$ 681,000)
  • 40% off Dewbauchee Seven-70 (GTA$ 417,000)

Clothing -

  • TBC - Nothing to report this week.

Property -

  • 50% off All Offices
  • 50% off All Office Renovations
  • 100% off Organization Name & Personnel Changes
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Twitch Prime Bonuses

  • The Free Kosatka Sonar Station is no longer available
  • GTA$400K (This is GTA$200 more than previously)
  • 80% off Bestia GTS ($122,000)
  • 80% off 190z ($180,000)
  • 60% off Nimbus ($760,000)

Log In Free Item Unlock

  • Vinewood Blvd Radio Tee

Time Trial

This week's Time Trial is Mount Gordo, with a Par Time of 00:46.30. Completing this can reward you with $100,000.

RC Bandito Time Trial

This week's RC Bandito Time Trial is Cemetery, with a Par Time 01:20.00. Completing this can reward you with $100,000.

Premium Race

This week's Premium Race is Downtown Underground. Completing this can reward you with $100,000.

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