Declasse Drift Yosemite Review: Is It Worth It?

The GTA Online Weekly Update is now live for the 13th of May and a new Podium Vehicle has come into the rotation - the Declasse Drift Yosemite.

Players can win the Drift Yosemite Podium Vehicle by trying their luck on the Lucky Wheel in the Diamond Casino.

It's also available for purchase if luck isn't on your side - so is it worth it?

Here's our review of the Drift Yosemite in GTA Online.

Drift Yosemite Review

This 2 seater, 6 gear Muscle car was added on February 6, 2020, as part of The Diamond Casino Heist update during the Drift Yosemite Week event.

This custom pick-up truck was initially featured as a mission-only vehicle in the Getaway Vehicles preparation mission and later used as a possible getaway vehicle in the Casino Heist. rates it an 70.44 overall.

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Where Can I Find The Drift Yosemite?

The Drift Yosemite can be found at Southern S.A. Super Autos.

Your mechanic will deliver the car close to where you are by contacting him with your phone.

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Purchase Price

The Drift Yosemite will cost you $1,308,000.

Trade Price

The Drift Yosemite Trade Price is $981,000.

Drift Yosemite In Real Life

The Drift Yosemite is heavily inspired by the second generation Chevrolet C10, but fitted with modification parts that draw ideas from the Ken Block Ford F-150 Hoonitruck.

It also sports Fukaru drag tires.

Drift Yosemite Customisation

Los Santos Customs will offer modifications for this vehicle.

You can get modifications on your Drift Yosemite in your CEO Office Custom Auto Shop or Arena Workshop if you have bought all the requirements needed to customize this vehicle there.

What Is The Top Speed Of The Drift Yosemite?

The Drift Yosemite Top Speed (Game Files) is 86.99 mph (140.00 km/h).

However, in-game it has a Top Speed of 108.25 mph (174.21 km/h) in-game.

Is The Drift Yosemite Worth It?

No, it's not worth it.

Despite the name, the car does not actually drift, it just slides a bit more when making sharp turns.

The car does not perform any better than the regular Yosemite, which is significantly cheaper.

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