Albany V-STR Review: Is It Worth it?

The GTA Online Weekly Update is now live for the 15th of April and a new Podium Vehicle has come into the rotation - the Albany V-STR.

Players can win the Albany V-STR Podium Vehicle by trying their luck on the Lucky Wheel in the Diamond Casino.

It's also available for purchase if luck isn't on your side - so is it worth it?

Here's our review of the Albany V-STR in GTA Online.

Albany V-STR Review

This four-door executive car was added on January 30, 2020 as part of The Diamond Casino Heist update in GTA Online.

More specifically, it was made available during the V-STR Week event held by Rockstar.

Here's the car's in-game description:

"Looking for something wild? Climb inside the fierce V-STR and listen to it growl as it bares that distinctive grill and charges the competition. With this much-untamed energy, get ready to lose control. Figuratively, obviously. This high-performance luxury sedan is the jewel in Albany's crown."

In reviewing the car, rates the V-STR an 69.8 overall.

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Where Can I Find The Albany V-STR?

The Albany V-STR can be found at Legendary Motorsport.

Your mechanic will deliver the Albany V-STR close to where you are by contacting him with your phone.


Purchase Price

The Albany V-STR will cost you $1,285,000.

Trade Price

The Albany V-STR's discounted price is $771,000 (Trade Price).

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Albany V-STR In Real Life

The Albany V-STR is primarily based off a 2019 Cadillac CTS-Van.

As noted by GTA.Fandon, it also takes several cues from notable Mercedes-Benz vehicles

"The front end of the car is heavily Mercedes-influenced, taking most features (upper grille portion, headlights) from the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class (C117), along with other cues from the E-Class AMG (W213) (lower grille portion, front vents)."

Albany V-STR Customisation

Los Santos Customs will offer modifications for this vehicle.

You can get modifications on your Albany V-STR in your CEO Office Custom Auto Shop or Arena Workshop if you have bought all the requirements needed to customize this vehicle there.

Take a look at some of the customisation options on the video below:

What Is The Top Speed Of The Albany V-STR?

The Albany V-STR's Top Speed (Game Files) is 98.95 mph (159.25 km/h).

However, in-game it has a Top Speed of 126.25 mph (203.18 km/h) in-game.

Is The Albany V-STR Worth It?

It's pretty pricey, perhaps too pricey given what it offers.

If you're absolutely swimming in cash then by all means add the car to your collection.

But generally speaking, as a sports class vehicle, it's pretty sluggish.

It's certainly not the best car for competition racing. Would it be better suited in Sedan class? Absolutely. But it's not, so there's no way of getting around that.

As such, you probably should skip buying the Albany V-STR, unless you're in proper Scrooge McDuck territories of cash flow.

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