GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced Rumour Suggests Announcement Coming Next Week

Grand Theft Auto 5 may have launched in 2013, but the game just keeps on selling, and we already know that an enhanced version is planned for the latest generation of consoles.

GTA Online is going standalone, too, but a new 4Chan rumour has suggested the announcement of a Grand Theft Auto 5: Expanded and Enhanced could be coming very soon.

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GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced Rumour Suggests Announcement Coming Next Week

First, to set expectations, this could (and quite likely is) a load of nonsense. What makes us say that? Well, the 'leak' has big "my Uncle works at Nintendo" vibes.

The anonymous post (found here), says:

Rockstar developer here, just heard that gta 5 e&e is going to be announced on 28 April with just a trailer nothing too grand

Release date is set for 22 June. Remember folks you heard it from me first

In truth, the release window of Summer 2021 sounds fairly plausible, but will we get a trailer next week? Who knows.

Still, there was that job listing suggesting that Rockstar were looking to cut a new trailer, which we suggested was likely for this rerelease.

Luckily, we only have a few days to find out if this anonymous poster is telling the truth.

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