GTA 5: Should You Pick Eddie Toh or Karim Denz?

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Picking the perfect heist team in GTA 5 can be tricky since you want to make as much money as possible and have the best crew to make sure nothing goes wrong.

This is why players go on and recruit every character possible, even if some of them aren’t very good because there are ways to make more money, even with bad heist characters.

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GTA 5: Should You Pick Eddie Toh or Karim Denz?

Sometimes, players will be given a tough choice, which is made apparent in the first mission, where some gamers are having a hard time choosing between Eddie Toh or Karim Denz.

When you’re doing The Jewel Store Heist of GTA 5, you’ll have the choice of having either Eddie Toh or Karim Denz as your driver for the heist.

Each one has its own set of faults and benefits, so think about the money you want to make and, if you choose the wrong one, have a backup save before the mission just in case.

Should players choose Karim Denz as their driver for this heist, you will go through a slightly more difficult chase sequence, which nobody wants, but in return, he takes less of the money you’ll be making.

Choosing Eddie Toh means he will take 6% more of the money than Denz does but, in turn, you will end up making more money if you choose him, which is far from a bad thing.

Obviously, Eddie Toh seems like the best option here, so we don’t know why else you’d pick Karim Denz unless you really want to save up on money.

In the end, it’s up to you, but one choice is clearly better than the other.

GTA 5 is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.