GTA 5 Next-Gen Save Transfer: Moving Saves to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

GTA 5 Blitz Play Official Art. Michael, Trevor and Franklin are all wearing boiler suits while holding different masks.

GTA 5 Blitz Play Official Art. Michael, Trevor and Franklin are all wearing boiler suits while holding different masks.
March 10, 2022: Updated to include new information on the transfer process and price of the next-gen versions.

GTA 5 has been around since 2013 and since then, multiple new consoles have been launched. The latest generation of consoles, the Xbox Series X/S and PS5, boast highly detailed graphics along with the latest technology built-in. This means that some games are getting upgraded to make the most out of the next-gen consoles.

Rockstar has been working on a GTA 5 next-gen update and we're tantalisingly close to getting our hands on it. As can be seen in this newswire post, the update seems to still be on track for March 15, 2022. This means 60fps, 4K Resolution, and ray tracing are not far away.

However, you've probably put a lot of hours into story mode and into building your character in GTA Online over the past few years. This is why we're going to tell you all about moving your save file to the next-gen version.

Can You Transfer Your Progress to the Next-Gen Versions?

Yes, you can transfer your GTA 5 progress to the next-gen versions. It is a one-time migration for both GTA Online and GTA 5 story progress. You can transfer your progress to the next-generation console within the same family, or you can transfer them across platforms. However, if you choose to do a cross-platform transfer, you may lose some items from GTA Online.

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How to Transfer GTA 5 Story Progress

You can transfer your story progress by uploading a save file to Rockstar Games Social Club. Here's how to do this:

  • Open your GTA 5 game on your current console (not the next-gen one)
  • Head into the Pause Menu
  • Select the Game tab
  • Choose the "upload save" option

You can only story one safe file per platform at one time and any file you save will only be available to download for 90 days after. If you choose to transfer story mode cross-platform, your save file, and anything contained in it shouldn't be lost.

How to Transfer GTA Online Progress

To transfer your Online progress, you need to have a Rockstar Social Account. If you do, you can transfer your progress after loading the game on the next-gen console on March 25, 2022.

The following items will be transferred:

  • Player-Created Jobs
  • Clothing
  • Weapons
  • Properties (Houses, Nightclubs, Agencies, and any property you have purchased)
  • Vehicles
  • Stats (Strength, Stamina, Flying, and any other stats your character has developed)
  • Characters
  • Progression
  • GTA $

Now, there is something you need to know about GTA $ in the online transfer. Any GTA $ that you have purchased (such as through Shark Cards) can only be transferred to a next-gen console that's in the same family. For example, from a PS4 to a PS5. It cannot be transferred across to another console family, so the money cannot be transferred from PS4 to an Xbox. However, any GTA $ that you have earned through completing missions, running a business, or simply playing the game will be transferred regardless of the platform.

Is the Next-Gen Upgrade Free?

No, the next-gen versions of GTA 5 are not free if you already own a copy of the game on a previous generation console. You can find out more about the prices for each console here.

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