GTA Online Bravado Half-Track Review: Is It Worth It?

Military vehicles quickly became a thing in GTA Online during the 2017 Gunrunning update, which has given fans a fun way to cause chaos in an already chaotic game, but not much else.

While definitely a fun thing to own in GTA Online, these kinds of vehicles might not help when it comes to running one of your illegal businesses or taking part in heists, though if you’re entering fights with other players, you’ll definitely want something like the Bravado half-Track.

Is the Bravado Half-Trick worth it in GTA Online? Find out in this review.

GTA Online Bravado Half-Track Review: Is It Worth It?

Like most weaponized military vehicles in GTA Online, the Bravado Half-Track was added on June 13, 2017.

Also, like most of the game’s military vehicles, players will need to have completed the ‘Mobile Operations’ Mission in order to get access to it.

Where Can I Find The Bravado Half-Track?

Players will be able to get this on the Warhorse Cache & Carry after completing the ‘Mobile Operations’ Mission.

You will be able to store the Bravado Half-Track on your Garage or the Mobile Operations Center.


Purchase Price

GTA Online players will be able to purchase the Bravado Half-Track for $2,254,350.

Trade Price

Trading the Bravado Half-Track will cost $1,695,000.

Bravado Half-Track in Real Life

It seems that the Bravado Half-Track is based on the Dunloader, M3 Half-Track, hence the almost identical name.

Bravado Half-Track Customization

Players will be able to customize the Bravado Half-Track on the Mobile Operations Center.

Is The Bravado Half-Track Worth It?

Honestly, most of the military vehicles in GTA Online are only worth it if you like blowing things up and that definitely goes for the Bravado Half-Track.

Still, it’s a cool-looking vehicle and should be fun to take out once in a while.

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