GTA Online Player Shows off How to Take Out Avenger Griefers

An image of the Avenger in GTA Online.

An image of the Avenger in GTA Online.

Griefers are a notorious problem in GTA Online, with scores of jet-flying and Oppressor riding malcontents queuing up to blast innocent and hardworking players into oblivion with missiles and rockets.

Luckily, the game also features some killer ways to fight back against these spoilsports, from supercars with built-in weaponry to armoured tanks that’ll shield you from the armageddon outside.

One player has taken to Reddit to showcase one of their more satisfying examples of turning the tables on a griefer who was camping outside of a Los Santos Customs raining bombs on them from an Avenger.

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User sw1nky, posted a video that first shows them being decimated by the griefer, then respawning, enabling ghost organisation from the interaction menu and hopping on an Oppressor Mk2.

They then fly up behind the Avenger, land directly on top of it and walk onto the nose armed with a minigun. Following some potshots at the vehicle’s engines, the player operating the Avenger pops back into the cockpit to see what’s happening, only to be met with a faceful of lead.

While sw1nky received some plaudits from other players in the thread for the skill involved in their kill, others weren’t even aware that the Avenger was a vehicle used by griefers.

As user Some-Examination-779 explained, these are rarer because the Avenger requires a group to operate properly: “You need two people to be extremely dangerous with an avenger, so it’s rare but they are out there. If you get spawn trapped by an avenger duo you better go passive, ghost or leave.”

Other players suggested alternative methods or ways that the kill might’ve been improved, such as U_Carmine, who suggested using EMP to down the plane or a stun gun once on the nose.

Another user pointed out that using an RPG to target the engines might have done more damage, to which sw1nky responded that they didn’t want to ruin the stunt by accidentally blowing themselves up.

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