Going Medieval: How To Hunt Animals And Get Meat

Survival simulation games often allow players to hunt for animals in order to, of course, survive. And in Going Medieval, this practice is done on a regular basis.

These animals you may hunt provide meat which is essential for you to progress in the game - if you don't want to eat cabbage all the time. So, knowing how you can properly do so is a must in Going Medieval.

Keep reading and we will let you know how to hunt and get meat in Going Medieval.

How To Hunt And Get Meat In Going Medieval

Your settlers will do the job to hunt for you in Going Medieval.

Just choose the animal that you want your settlers to hunt by clicking the ‘Hunt’ button located at the bottom right of the screen. You can also do it vice versa, especially if you want to hunt multiple animals.

You can also press the M key while you are selecting the animal you want to hunt down.

Going Medieval: Bring Weapons To Hunt

You should take note that your settlers can only hunt if they are equipped with a ranged weapon. If they are not equipped with it, then your hunting can be delayed for some time.

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