Going Medieval: How To Get Iron Fast

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Going Medieval has just launched and if you're looking for a sim game that can take you back to medieval times, this is it. So, it is important to know how to survive during those dark ages, including how you can get materials and resources to live and thrive.

One invaluable resource is iron.


Of course, metal is one of the most advanced and useful materials during the medieval ages. And if you manage to find iron in the game, then you may have a bigger chance to survive and eventually progress in Going Medieval.

With that being said, here’s how to get iron in Going Medieval.

How To Get Iron Fast In Going Medieval

The first step you need to do to get iron in Going Medieval is to mine it from the Earth.


You may find the locations with iron in your map represented by the exposed iron vein. Marking these areas will make your settlers mine on those if you use the mine option. So, hurry to get to these locations as fast as possible!

How To Produce Usable Iron

Look for the Smelting research item on your Research Menu located at the top of the screen. Then create 20 Chronicle in the research bench to find research smelting. But you need to look for the Architecture research item before you may do so.

Once you have done all the things above, go to the production menu and select the smelting furnace. Your colonists will build the furnace.


That’s it! Follow us for more Going Medieval guides like this one!

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