Going Medieval: How To Butcher Animals For Meat

In our daily lives, we need to eat food in order to live. And in video games especially in the simulation genre, having enough supply of food is an important factor to progress.

That is why the recently released Going Medieval by Foxy Voxel and Gramophone Games, you may be able to hunt for animals. But of course, you need to butcher them to get the meat you can actually cook and eat.

So, keep reading to know how to butcher animals in Going Medieval.

How To Butcher Animals In Going Medieval

You need to create a Butchering Table in Going Medieval for you to be able to butcher the animals your settlers would hunt for you.

Just go to the Production Menu at the bottom right part of the screen and look for the Butchering Table item. You don’t need to search for it because it will be available right at the beginning of the game.

How To Add The Animals On The Butchering Table In Going Medieval

Select the Butchering Table by left-clicking it and proceed by choosing the small meat icon on the menu that will appear.

It will then add the animals that your settlers hunted on the Butchering Table, and they will continue to butcher until they produce the meat you are longing for.

That’s it! Follow us for more Going Medieval guides like this one!

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