Godfall Will Require An Always-Online Connection, But Is Not A Live-Service Game

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Godfall, Gearbox and Counterplay Games melee-focused looter, will require an always-online internet connection to be able to play it.

That still applies in single-player, and while the listing was spotted on the PlayStation Store, it seems certain the PC version will also need a connection.


Check the listing for the "Online Play Required" signifier.

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Godfall Will Require Always-Online Connection

Considering the game's loot-focused nature, that's perhaps to be expected.


Destiny 2 and The Division 2 have similar requirements, despite both offering sizeable single-player campaigns.

While the developers have been clear to distance Godfall from being described as a live-service game, presumably much of the game's under-the-hood systems are run from servers.

The official Godfall account tweeted the following:

Godfall is not a service game, but does require an internet connection to play.
— Godfall (@PlayGodfall)
October 2, 2020

It's also worth noting that Godfall will require a PlayStation Plus subscription to play online, but as anyone with a PlayStation 4 will know, that's not new.


Still, anyone picking up the PS5 launch title on the Epic Games Store will be able to play online with no such requirement. 

If you're curious about Godfall, some gameplay footage emerged online over the weekend showing the third-person action title's gameplay.

Check it out below: