Godfall: How to Save Your Game

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Godfall didn’t exactly rock the heavens when it came out as a PS5 exclusive (also available on PC) but the hack-and-gameplay has appealed to some, with the developers fixing it to be even more appealing to a wider audience.

The fact that it’s yet another looter-slasher in the same vein as Outriders or Marvel’s Avengers has annoyed some but it seems to be a decent little game underneath, with an upcoming PS4 port seemingly leaked, likely as a way to get more eyes on the title.

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Godfall: How to Save Your Game

Still, the fact that some gamers are confused with how to save the game in Godfall might show how unfriendly this title is to newer users but we’re here to help you solve this easy problem.

All you have to do is complete your mission, head back to The Sanctum, pause the game, then pick ‘Quit Game,’ which automatically saves your progress.

Unfortunately, you cannot save during a mission, since that will boot you to the beginning or The Sanctum if you try to quit during one.

Considering how this is a game that wants you to play online a lot, you’ll want to properly quit whenever you’re ready so that none of your actions end up in vain.

It’s clear that Godfall needs to make some changes for the sake of simplifying the game, like adding an offline mode for those that want to single-player.

Hopefully, major changes are made and this title becomes a bit better after more tweaks but we wouldn’t bet any money on it.

Godfall is now available on the PS5 and PC.