God of War Ragnarok Release Reportedly Set for November

A promo screenshot for God of War (2018).
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

A promo screenshot for God of War (2018).
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

The game-based madness of Summer Game Fest 2022 is over and while more than enough games revealed fresh trailers and gameplay for prospective players to dissect and enjoy, one title rumoured to make an appearance during yesterday’s broadcast was notably absent.

This left players desperate to hear and see more about God of War Ragnarok, wondering whether it’s still set to release this year and dreading a delay into 2023. Thanks to a new report from Bloomberg, however, they may finally have an answer.

The report, by Jason Schreier, cites November as the game’s expected release date “according to three people familiar with the game’s development” and adds that a concrete release date could be announced “later this month”.

God of War Ragnarok’s Summer Game Fest Absence Might Not Stop It Arriving in 2022

The report also suggests that the September or October release window implied by some recent merchandise listings for the game may have been reflective of Sony’s plans prior to an internal delay earlier this year.

Before Summer Game Fest, more fuel was added to the speculatory fire started by the merchandise discoveries by another find, this being a supposed update to God of War Ragnarok’s page on the PlayStation Store.

This revelation prompted some players to assume that the game would feature in the Summer Game Fest presentation, with a similar change to Final Fantasy XVI’s page prior to its appearance in PlayStation’s State of Play showcase being cited as a reason the same could happen to God of War.

This expectation was also based on a ResetEra comment by Schreier, who revealed that sources had suggested to him that the game hadn’t been delayed and was still on track to release in 2022.

Both of these combined led many Reddit users to conclude that a release date announcement was imminent, with DarkDaniel_01 saying: “Finally. At this point unless there are serious development issues (and that doesn't seem to be the case) it's only a matter of weeks for the announcement.”

However, other users remained sceptical, with I_throw_hand_soap declaring: “I’ll believe it when I have it downloaded”.

In the morning before Summer Game Fest, a report from Gamereactor Spain suggested that not only would the game not be appearing during the broadcast, but it had also been delayed until 2023.

Schreier refuted this, reiterating that the game hadn’t been delayed and adding that he hadn’t heard anything suggesting that it would feature in Summer Game Fest.

Now, it seems anxious players just have to wait for a release date announcement that could happen very soon.

Make sure to follow us for further God of War updates as we learn more about Ragnarok.

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