Summer Game Fest 2022 Headlined By The Last of Us, Call of Duty, and Marvel’s Midnight Suns

A promo screenshot of The Last of Us Part One Remake.
Credit: @Nibellion on Twitter.

Despite one of its biggest reveals in the form of a The Last of Us remake having leaked just hours before Summer Game Fest was set to go live, the Geoff Keighley-helmed event still had a lot to show gamers, even if it didn’t quite meet the lofty expectations of some.

As supposed non-coffee drinker Keighley had suggested beforehand, already announced games formed a good chunk of the broadcast, with titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and The Callisto Protocol, the latter of which also featured in Sony’s State of Play showcase, both showing off gameplay.

Also among the titles featured in the event, which won’t be digital-only next year, were a wave of space-based survival horror games and a smattering of less spooky indie games.

Geoff Keighley’s Event Still Delivers Some Cool Content Despite Leak

Beginning with the game that had been selected to deliver the bombshell that would end Summer Game Fest with a bang, The Last of Us Part One Remake, which is coming to PS5 later this year, proved a rather underwhelming choice in the eyes of many due to circumstances outside of the showrunners’ control.

On the other hand, another aspect of the showcase, which you can watch in full below, that drew some criticism was under Summer Game Fest’s control, this being the structure of the broadcast’s first half, which was very heavy on sci-fi horror games set in space, with The Callisto Protocol, Routine, and Fort Solis all appearing in quick succession.

Also occupying spots early in the running order were Street Fighter 6, with Guile being revealed as a playable character, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which will seemingly feature some very rainy gameplay.

Meanwhile, the broadcast also featured a couple of heavily anticipated superhero games in the form of Marvel’s Midnight Suns and Gotham Knights, both of which showed off fresh trailers starring a smorgasbord of caped and non-caped crusaders, with the former set to launch on October 7 this year and showcase “the darker side of the Marvel Universe”.

Surprisingly, one of the biggest talking points coming out of the event was Goat Simulator 3, which seems to have caught everyone off guard, not only by parodying the Dead Island series with its trailer but also because of the fact that there is no Goat Simulator 2.

Both of the indie-focused showcases that followed Summer Game Fest received positive receptions, with the Day of the Devs stream showing off a lineup including train-based horror game Choo Choo Charles and management sim Bear and Breakfast, while Devolver Digital’s showcase drew headlines via door-kicking masterpiece Anger Foot and surreal skateboarding title Skate Story.

Make sure to follow us for coverage of the next big event in gaming’s summer of silliness, Microsoft’s Xbox and Bethesda showcase, which is set to take place this Sunday.

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