Summer Game Fest’s Geoff Keighley Claims He’s Never Had Coffee

An image of Geoff Keighley.

Despite attempts to convince people not to go into today’s Summer Game Fest with huge expectations, anticipation continues to build as to what we’ll see during the broadcast.

A bunch of already announced games, including the likes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Street Fighter 6, and Marvel’s Midnight Suns, have been confirmed to make an appearance at the event, but one shocking and unexpected divulgence has set the gaming world alight just hours before it’s set to kick off.

The man behind the magic, Geoff Keighley, a figure beheld with a pseudo-religious reverence by many in and around gaming, says he’s never had a cup of coffee.

Geoff Keighley Has Spilled the Beans on His Beverage Habits

The Summer Game Fest organiser came clean via Twitter, responding to user @bigvibessi’s assessment of what his day might look like around the event by saying: “No time to work out. Never had a cup of coffee in my life. But looking forward to some ice cream later.”

More information on Keighley’s mysterious life came to light via a reply to GamesIndustry.Biz’s Danielle Partis, who said “please don't tell us you're one of those anti-hot drinks people”, to which the allegedly coffeeless man retorted: “I love a good herbal tea”.

However, the introduction of herbal tea to this story didn’t mark the point at which everyone could relax, as soon older tweets from Keighley, which suggest he has in fact drunk coffee in the past, were revealed.

Games industry analyst Daniel Ahmad unearthed two such possible examples of Keighley straying from the tea zone, with one dating back to September 2014, when it seems he grabbed a coffee with an unnamed game designer and the other being from September 2017, when Keighley tweeted that he’d had some coffee while watching a trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2.

As of writing, Keighley is yet to respond to these discoveries. Perhaps he’s hoping that Summer Game Fest will be so newsworthy that everyone just forgets about them.

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