Ghostrunner Summer Update: Release Date, Wave Mode and Everything We Know

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Ghostrunner was one of 2020s most pleasant surprises and will get a series of DLC drops for its first year.

The first two have already arrived, but now we turn our focus to the game's 'Summer Update', what it could include, and when it could arrive.

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Ghostrunner Summer Update: Release Date, Contents and Everything We Know

Release Date

The Summer Update will launch, erm, in Summer, but we reckon we'll see it around August or September time.

That follows on from the gap between the first DLC drop in December, and the second in April.


A new customisation pack for our cybernetic ninja is included in the Summer update, but we also know of two 'bundles' arriving and a pair of Game modes.

The first, Assist Mode, is aimed at making the game more accessible and will add armour for the player character to allow for multiple hits before death.

The second, Wave Mode, is a rogue-like inspired take on horde mode. Players carve through waves of enemies, with random upgrades dropped between waves. Death puts players back to the start of a wave, but beating all 20 will earn them a new sword.

You can try the closed beta here.

Check out the trailer below:

We'll update this page as and when we hear more.

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"Ghostrunner is one of the best surprises of 2020. While it can ask a lot of players, particularly in the early stages, it more than repays that investment with style and panache," we said,

"While its grimy, yet shiny cyberpunk world may offer little that’s truly “new”, it’s the kind of pure gameplay experience that I can’t get enough of."

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