Ghost Recon Breakpoint Patch Notes: Huge 2.0 update makes Ubisoft's third-person shooter almost a new game

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint may have launched to middling reviews and commercial disappointment, but to Ubisoft's credit they've stuck by the product and continued working on it.

This week's update 2.0 is the one many fans have been waiting for, and it offers a wide array of changes to the tactical shooter.

You can read the full patch notes here, but here are the standout features of update 2.0.

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The Biggest Changes Coming To Ghost Recon: Breakpoint In Update 2.0

No More Loot Tiers

Breakpoint initially offered loot in tiers, with players disappointed that the tactical shooter franchise was beginning to more closely resemble something like Destiny.

Thankfully, there's no more of that here – unless you want it. You can turn loot tiers off now.

Weapon Changes

That's not the only change coming to weapons, with players now able to opt for a more realistic weapon carrying system. That means that rather than lugging around dozens of weapons, you'll be able to opt for a more traditional (and realistic) limit.

Social Distancing

Players complained about the game's home base being too crowded (especially given the narrative conceit that you're a lone wolf behind enemy lines), and now you can shut out other players entirely if you'd like.

New Classes

Two new classes are available – the Echelon class is a stealth specialist, while the Engineer is an anti-drone unit.

New Missions

With new missions featuring Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell, and a Terminator crossover, there's never been a better time to jump into Breakpoint.

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