Rainbow Six Siege is getting an Apex Legends inspired Ping system

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Rainbow Six Siege may be entering its fifth year of content but it turns out you can teach this old dog some new tricks.

If you've ever played Ubisoft's tactical shooter without a mic, you'll know full well the limitations of the game's "Ping" system which has been a part of the game since launch.


Players can draw their team's attention to an area with a yellow marker, but it doesn't tell them what to look out for. It could be an enemy, an opportunity to flank, or a trap that's worth noting.

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Thankfully, Ubisoft has been paying attention to another top-tier first-person shooter and has been taking inspiration from Apex Legends.

With Apex Legends' Ping system, the button is contextual which allows for the player to point out anything with a tap or two of the button and illustrate what it is, as well as where it is.



Siege's version will operate on a smaller scale at first, limited to identifying gadgets. Players will be able to have five of these pings active at any one moment, but they will stay around indefinitely (or until the gadget being pinged is destroyed).

PC Gamer interviewed lead game designer Jean-Baptiste Halle and game director Leroy Athanassoff at the Six Invitational 2020 about Ping 2.0.

“Players have been showing us mockups of [ping systems] for years,” Halle said. “The thing is, we want it to be an iterative process because it’s a big game.”


We look forward to trying it in the months to come, but for now, this early version will be available in the game's test servers in the first half of this year.