The Medium Vase Puzzle Guide And Solution

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The Medium is full of puzzles to keep you on your toes while you explore the horror game’s world!

And even early on it can prove a little challenging.

Though worry not, we are here to help with a guide to help you solve anything and everything The Medium could throw at you, including the Vase Puzzle at the Niwa resort!

Let’s get into it!

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The Vase Puzzle Solution 

You’ll come across this puzzle right after you’ve met the strange Sadness in the lobby and fixed up the elevator to get to the second floor.

Instead, you’ll find yourself on one of the hotel’s lower floors.

The vase puzzle will make you use everything we’ve just learned, but it won’t just tell you that.

If you want to give it another go, do so now before the solution is spoiled for you!

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Okay so here it is! You’ll want to eventually use the spirit charge altar with the vase on to charge up your shield enough to survive the moth corridor, but for now, it’s too weak.

First, interact with an old prescription and poetry book to learn the backstory for this section.

Then head to the balcony and go into the next room.

Now you’ll need a tool to pass through the skin barrier which you can get by having an out of body experience.

In the spirit world, you can edge along the walkway and head into a new area.


From here interact with the hole in the wall to play a cutscene and reveal a bathroom which you will need to enter.

Drain the tub and pick up the razor blade you find to now cut the skin barrier and enter the material world version of the room from before.

Grab the sunflower you see and go and put it in the vase to charge up the altar and solve the vase puzzle!

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