The Medium Pump Station Puzzle Guide And Solution

The Medium has a bunch of puzzles to keep you from progressing forward through the horror adventure.

One such puzzle is the confusing Pump Station puzzle.

If you need a hand with working out the solution, or just want us to tell you the answer you’ve come to the right place!

The Pump Station Solution

Once you’ve restored the power, you’ll be able to solve the puzzle.

From here you need to look at it and you’ll see five circular displays which represent the five water tanks.

These can each be full, half-full (or half-empty if you want to be pessimistic) or empty.

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Now here’s the solution, this is your last chance to live spoiler-free!

Okay so, start by directing all the water to the top right and top middle tanks.

Now leave the panel, leave the pump room and head left. You should be able to go down some stairs that were blocked by water before. Using the energy shield to protect the spirit world Marianne from moths, head forward and turn the crank to open the water tank.

Now go and turn the electricity off using the switch from before and head back to the control room.

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This time direct all the water to the top left and top middle tanks.

With that, head right and go back past the electric switch and down some stairs that you should see. Walk past the energy recharge pointy and spot the next crank location, grabbing the crank from a nearby locker.

Return to the pump room one final time and move the middle tank’s water to the left and the top right tanks water to the bottom right.

Now return to where you found the crank, go through the door and the section is clear, you’ve beaten the Pump Room puzzle!

Go collect your precise, a fight with The Maw!

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