Genshin Impact: How to See All Endings in Noelle's Second Hangout Event

Genshin Impact 1.5 hangout events back, and while there are only two new hangout events so far, one of them is the Noelle hangout event part two.

There’s the usual set of rewards earned just for seeing the endings, and they’re largely the same as the first set of events. Expect plenty of pancakes.

The requirements for starting the Noelle hangout event part 2 are the same as the rest of the Genshin 1.5 requirements.

However, you’ll also need to complete all the endings from Noelle’s first set of hangout events.

The general structure of the events is the same, with a set of non-important dialogue choices and a few key decisions that shape the path you go down.

Here’s how to get all Noelle hangout event part 2 endings.

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How to Start Noelle Hangout Event Part 2

You’ll need to complete the Archon Quest “A New Star Approaches,” view all the first Noelle Hangout Event endings, and then use two Story Keys to start Noelle’s Hangout Event part 2. In case you forgot, you earn one Story Key for completing eight daily commissions, so they’re not hard to come by.

How Many Noelle Hangout Event Part 2 Endings?

Like before, there are six different endings for Noelle’s Hangout Event. We'll list each major choice you should make below.

Perfect Score

  • Just came to say hi
  • Can I help?
  • Don't hide from it
  • You could take some more exams
  • Cyrus' questions:
    • Windwheel Aster
    • Roald
    • Mare Jivari
  • Cook a steak and give it up. Just cooking won't unlock the ending

Points Deducted

  • Same first four answers as the previous
  • During Cyrus' test, get one answer wrong
  • Cook and give the steak

Rest Among the Rocks

  • Pushing yourself will only make things worse
  • A change in scenery might do you good
  • She's a Knight of Favonius
  • The harbor
  • Choose the top choice for the next three pieces of dialogue

The Maid Knight's Tale

  • Same first two as the previous ending
  • She has her own weapon already
  • Let's head to Third-Round Knockout
  • Destroy all Hilichurl structures and Hilichurls

The One and Only Noelle

  • You don't look so good
  • Maybe try to relieve your anxiety?
  • Don't hide from it
  • You could try to imagine yourself passing the exam
  • You could become an Acting Grand Master
  • Talk to Glory, then find all the clues

Work Made for a Maid

  • First four answers from the previous
  • You could become a Cavalry Captain

That's not the only hangout event 1.5 adds. Diona's hangout event is also live alongside a new chance at adding her to your party for absolutely free.

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