Genshin Impact: Leaks Confirm Ayaka As A Reliable 5 Star Carry

As of now, Mihoyo has yet to officially release any information about what Kamisato Ayaka will do in Genshin Impact. Players don't know if what she'll offer in the party. However, leakers already got their hands on some information and see that she can carry the whole party if built right.

Ayaka Can Carry

According to a tweet from one of the known leakers, collected information from Genshin Impact leakers confirm that Ayaka will be a strong character on release.

When leveled up to her max level and using her 5-star weapon, she can deal up to 4300% damage if her Elemental Burst ultimate skill fully hits a single target. In the previous leaks, Ayaka's ultimate is where she fans frigid winds toward her enemies. The winds will continue to move forward and continuously deal damage to foes caught up in it.

Overall, Ayaka has good potential to deal high damage for parties that'll bring her.

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No Constellations Needed

Regardless of access to her 5-star weapon, Ayaka is also confirmed to be strong even without access to any of her constellations. According to Honey Impact, her main stat growth would be Crit DMG. At maximum level, Ayaka gets 88.4% base Crit DMG which is already high.

Many characters often have to invest in Artifacts and Weapons to hit at least 60% Crit DMG stat. Additionally, Ayaka is a Cryo element character which could also boost her Crit Rate further.

To top it all off, Ayaka's potential to deal high Critical damage to enemies is always present as long as the build is focused on it.

Slated For July

As of now, Mihoyo has yet to reveal any info about the next Special Program for the next patch. However, the leakers say that the next reveal would be on July 9. Take the news with a grain of salt as Mihoyo has yet to reveal the next update that'll show the content after Kazuha's banner.

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