Where to Find Iron Chunk in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Iron Chunk is a common item required for just a couple of recipes, and while it might seem like the ordinary Iron Chunk is less than exciting, having plenty around is a good idea.

They're vital for crafting Enhancement Ore used for leveling weapons.

Enhancement Ore levels weapons faster than using other, low-level weapons, plus it means you don't have to waste time farming weak weapons.

Finding Iron Chunk is fairly easy, as it's fairly bountiful throughout Mondstadt

In Genshin Impact, Iron Chunk is only found in plain, grey mining nodes sticking out from rock formations or cliffs.

Nodes with streaks of different colors will produce different types of ore.

While there are plenty of nodes, as with any resource in Genshin Impact, we recommend putting a pin in some of the spots that aren’t too far away from your usual haunts.

Unlike other, more valuable ores, Iron Chunk has a standard respawn rate, so you won't have to wait long to gather more.

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Genshin Impact Iron Chunk Locations

You’ll find Genshin Impact's Iron Chunks throughout Mondstadt, with larger concentrations in a few key regions.

The area around Stormterror's Lair has quite a few Iron Chunk nodes, and there's a spread of them north of Dadaupa Gorge.

A small cluster also exists near the Statue of the Seven in Starfell Lake.

Iron Chunk Farming

Iron Chunk respawns 24 hours after you mine them, since it's a common ore.

Iron Chunk Uses

Iron Chunk is an ingredient in the following:

  • Adepti Seeker's Stove (portable oven. Only obtainable after reaching Reputation Level 5 in Liyue)
  • Enhancement Ore

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