Genshin Impact: How To Solve The Broken Isle Fire Totem Puzzle

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In the new Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact, you may try to do the Fire Totem puzzle mission in one of the archipelago’s isles.

By going to the Broken Isle, you can light up four fire totems scattered within the area. This could be a bit tricky to do so if you do not have any knowledge about the newly introduced game area in update 1.6 but do not worry and we got you covered.


So, here’s how to solve the Broken Isle fire totem puzzle in Genshin Impact.

How To Solve The Broken Isle Fire Totem Puzzle In Genshin Impact

There are four fire totems in Broken Isle which you need to attack to lit up. Pyro-type characters are recommended to be used in order to do so.


YouTuber ZaFrostPet posted a video where all the fire totems were found and lit afterwards. You can already find one once you teleport to Broken Isle.

There are two fire totems above the hill on the isle. You can find the last one on the lower side of the hill which is near a tree.

Once you have lit all four fire totems, head back on top of the hill and look for the Exquisite Chest. It will grant you rewards such as Mystic Enhancement Ore, Instructor’s Brooch, Traveling Doctor’s Pocket Watch, Fine Enhancement Ore, and Beginner’s Protection.

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