Genshin Impact Fatui Pyro Agent Locations

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There are various creatures and NPCs in Genshin Impact. With it being an open-world game, encountering those could be considered a regular thing.

One of those creatures that you may encounter is the Fatui Pyro Agent. It can even be regarded as an enemy boss. So, if you would be successful in defeating it, rewards may be up for grabs.


Keep reading to know all the Fatui Pyro Agent locations in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact Fatui Pyro Agent Locations

You may begin your quest to find the Fatui Pyro Agents in the waypoint north of the MIngyun Village. There are two of those in this location.

There is also one in the shore of Yuoguang Shoal, one in the western part of the Gunyun Stone Forest, two in the eastern part of Dunyu Ruins, one near the Lingju Pass, one in the beach located at the southern part of the Luhua Pool, one between Tianqui Valley and Dunyu Ruins, and one in Qingxu Pool.


Genshin Impact Fatui Pyro Agent Rewards

If you will be able to beat these Fatui Pyro Agents in Genshin Impact, there are rewards that you will receive immediately.

These are the Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife which would be vital in crafting the Agent’s Sacrificial Knife, as well as the Recruit’s Insignia which is needed to craft the Sergeant’s Insignia.

You can also notch a Travelling Doctor, a Berserker, Instructor, or The Exile.


How to Beat the Fatui Pyro Agents in Genshin Impact

It is recommended to use Hydro-type characters for a chance to deal higher damage to the Faitu Pyro Agents, such as the five-star Mona, and the four-star Xingqiu.

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