Where to Find Electro Crystal in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Electro Crystal is a rare item required for certain alchemy recipes that boost your Electro abilities, and you'll also use Electro Crystal to craft a very useful gadget.

So it's handy to keep around, in other words.

Finding and obtaining Electro Crystal in Genshin Impact isn't quite so easy, though, and you won't get all that many when you do find them.

Your best bet is to search around cliffs throughout Mondstadt, though there's a substantial cluster of them in the area around Stormterror's lair.

The best place to get Genshin Impact Electro Crystal is there, but you can also buy some from a vendor in Liyue Harbor.

Still, like many resource in Genshin Impact, it wouldn't hurt to add a pin in your map for Electro Crystal locations near your usual haunts.

Since Electro Crystal is a rare ore, it has a longer respawn rate to match.

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Genshin Impact Electro Crystal Locations

You’ll find Genshin Impact's Electro Crystal scattered throughout Mondstadt, and, as mentioned, there's a higher concentration of them around Stormterror's Lair.

You can't obtain them like normal ore, however.

You'll need to use Pyro attacks to break the crystals.

Note that standing too close will result in Electro damage to your character as well.

However, you can also had to Changshun's shop in Liyue Harbor to purchase up to five Electro Crystal for 1,500 Mora each.

Electro Crystal Farming

Electro Crystals respawn every 48 hours in the wild.

Changshun restocks Electro Crystals every three days.

Electro Crystal Uses

You'll use Electro Crystals for a few recipes.

  • Insulation Potion (increases party Electro resistance by 25% for 300 seconds)
  • Shocking Essential Oil (increases party Electro damage by 25% for 300 seconds)
  • NRE (Menu 30) (gadget item that lets you consume food without opening the inventory menu

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