Genshin Impact: A Dish Beyond Mortal Ken World Quest Guide

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If there is a new game update in Genshin Impact, expect that a handful of quests will be available once the update arrives in the game. And now with update 1.6, players may now be able to try doing the ‘A Dish Beyond Mortal Ken’ world quest.

Keep reading and we will give you the complete guide to Genshin Impact 1.6’s A Dish Beyond Mortal Ken world quest.


Genshin Impact A Dish Beyond Mortal Ken World Quest Guide

Pure Game Guides on YouTube posted a video showing how to finish the world quest from start to end. But don’t worry and we will tackle every step here in this guide.

You need to go first to the Wangshu Inn in Dihua Marsh in Liyue. Head to the top of the building and speak with the chef named Smiley Yanxiao.


He will then tell you to help him come up with a dish to impress the restaurant owner. He’ll ask you to cook an old recipe he has which will require some of your sword skills.

Finding The Ingredients

You will need one Bird Egg and one Snapdragon. You can find the former on trees all over the game areas, while the later can be notched in the wild, particularly on the islands located at the northeast side of the Wangshu Inn.

Once you have collected the ingredients, go back to Yanxiao to begin the cooking process. He will ask you to cut meat, place water in the pot, and light the fire.


You may respond to his requests with the corresponding skills you have, such as using your weapon, or hitting Hydro or Pyro-type abilities.

After you have done all the tasks above, then you are now successful with the world quest. Follow us for more Genshin Impact guides like this one!

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