Genshin Impact: How To Fix Error Code 4206

genshin impact, error code 4206

Like most things these days, Genshin Impact relies on a steady and constant internet connection. The game receives constant updates, and is always online. Sometimes, errors pop up - so here's how to fix Error code 4206 in Genshin Impact.

Hoyoverse's servers aren't invincible, and are bound to be down at some point, be it for maintenance or through a freak accident. This is what causes error 4206.

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How To Fix Error 4206 in Genshin Impact

The error code 4206 can pop up when players try to log in and load up Genshin Impact. Generally, it means there's no connection. This could be either to do with your internet, or could be a server issue at the Hoyoverse end.

genshin impact, code 4206
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Genshin's servers are sometimes down for maintenance when new banners and events come out, or the big version updates. Very occasionally there are some server problems that happen out of the blue.

If the Genshin servers are down, there isn't much you can do except wait it out. Check the Down Detector page to see if others are having the same issues.

The easiest ways to try and fix the error codes are:

  • Turn off and on your router to reset the internet connection.
  • Turn off and on your PC, PlayStation, or platform of choice.

If you're playing on PC, sometimes a VPN can cause issues with Genshin. Try turning it off and see if it helps. Or, try downloading one if there is a local server issue that you can bypass.

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