Genshin Impact - How To Find The Missing Crystalline Cores

Persikov's Manuscript

Another head-scratcher puzzle has come along with the Version 2.8 Summertime Odyssey event in Genshin Impact - this time, it's how to find missing Crystalline Cores.

To get to this quest, you'll need to complete those before it - Kazuha, Xinyan, and Mona's specific stories. Only then will Like Rhyme and Song be available to you.

While we're on the Genshin Impact subject, we have tons of information on the upcoming Version 3.0 update, and the new Dendro Element coming with it. There are new characters too, like Shikanoin Heizou, Tighnari, and Collei.

How To Find Missing Crystalline Cores In Genshin Impact

This quest can be daunting, given the floating machinery that you need to turn in specific ways. But don't worry, we'll lay it all out simply so you can get those all-important Primos at the end of it.

Once you've accepted the quest, you'll head to an island with a strange Fatui-made machine on it. There's a glowing spot nearby - investigate it and you'll receive Persikov's manuscript. This is the key to the whole quest as it shows you where to find the three missing Cores that will repair the machine.

The Manuscript is a few photos and can be found in your inventory. However, it can be confusing to go back and forth between screens. First, let's decipher Persikov's Manuscript.

Persikov's Manuscript
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The photos show three different islands, where the three missing Crystalline Cores are to be found. There are close-up photos of the locations of each - marked with red X's.

The dots and dashes under each relate to the mechanisms found at these locations. Dots mean to turn it clockwise, dashes to turn it anticlockwise. Here they are written out:

Crystalline Core Location 1

Found in between Broken Isle to the West and Twinning Isle to the North, this island requires players to head to the West beach. There, they'll need to input the following:

  • North Mechanism: Clockwise, Anticlockwise, Anticlockwise.
  • South Mechanism: Clockwise, Clockwise, Anticlockwise.

Crystalline Core Location 2

The second island is right in the middle of the Archipelago, and is another unnamed area. The location of the core is right in the middle of the sandy islet. Here, there are three mechanisms.

  • North Mechanism: Clockwise, Anticlockwise.
  • West Mechanism: Clockwise, Anticlockwise, Clockwise.
  • East Mechanism: Anticlockwise, Anticlockwise, Clockwise.

Crystalline Core Location 3

The third and final Crystalline Core location is an island to the East, right between Twinning Isle and Pudding Isle. The mechanisms are found to the West of the island.

  • North Mechanism: Anticlockwise, Anticlockwise, Clockwise.
  • South Mechanism: Clockwise, Anticlockwise, Clockwise.

And there you have it - all three Crystalline Cores have been found and can be returned to Persikov to fix the Fatui machine.

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