"All That Bulls**t In It." - Asmongold Reveals Why He Doesn't Play Genshin Impact

Zack, AKA' Asmongold', watched the trailer for Genshin Impact at Gamescom 2021 and was brutally honest. Apparently, he doesn't play the game because he notices some features he doesn't like. He appears to be talking about microtransactions and payments on most sites.

It's ironic coming from a World of Warcraft (WoW) streamer, the MMORPG that made subscription services popular. Asmongold has every right to comment on the trailer for Genshin Impact at Gamescom 2021. We can't believe that could be the reason.

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Why Asmongold doesn't play Genshin Impact

At Gamescom 2021, Genshin Impact showed off what players already knew. Asmongold watched it and made a strange comment about why he doesn't play. Players can play the story for free in the game, so is that really due to a payment system?

You decide, video found by Dexerto.

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First, the subject of what I'll be talking about. To quote Asmongold:

"I think I would play Genshin Impact if it didn't have all that bullshit in it. I would, it looks like a good game."

Genshin's microtransaction system is pretty broad, and we're all speculating the same thing. Asmongold is usually angry with games that offer upgrades for money, so that's what we think he means by 'bullshit'. It's fair to say that World of Warcraft has been much worse than Genshin Impact in terms of that aspect.

Unlike WoW, I can play Genshin Impact from beginning to end for free. This is the major appeal to the game, but Asmongold really isn't a fan of putting extra content behind paywalls. Maybe Asmongold will clarify in the future, but for now, fans seem to agree this is his reasoning.

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