Gears Tactics: Will turn-based title have microtransactions or DLC?

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Gears Tactics brings the war against the Locust horde back next month with turn-based tactics, launching on PC first and then Xbox later.

Available to Game Pass subscribers right from the go, you might be wondering about the potential microtransactions and DLC that could be included.


Read on to be pleasantly surprised.

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Will Gears Tactics Offer Microtransactions or DLC?

According to a tweet in December 2019 from now-departed studio head Rod Fergusson, Gears Tactics will offer NO microtransactions – not even cosmetic ones.


You can read the tweet below, which is pretty emphatic in its wording.

As for DLC, it's hard to say. With Gears being such fertile ground and with a surprisingly endearing bunch of muscly characters, we'd love to see Tactics move into the original trilogy era, or the Gears 4 and 5 era. There's no confirmation on any subsequent additions as things stand, though.

In a similarly emphatic statement as we approach launch, the official Gears of War Twitter account tweeted the following:

It doesn't get much clearer than that!