Gears Tactics: Is latest turn-based title coming to Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC?

Gears Tactics launches next month and offers a whole new experience in the Gears of War universe, shifting to a turn-based tactics game in the style of Xcom.

It'll still be violent and likely brilliant, though, when it launches on PC and, later, on Xbox. If you're invested in Microsoft's ecosystem, you might be wondering if the game will launch on Xbox Game Pass.

Read on to find out.

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Is Gears Tactics Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

Good news everybody – Gears Tactics will be coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch.

That means subscribers will be able to slay the Locust swarm on PC, provided they have Xbox Game Pass for PC (or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate).

When it comes to the Xbox version, we know the game is coming after the initial PC launch. That means it'll come to Xbox Game Pass for Console, too.

We can't wait. 

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