Zelda Tears of the Kingdom DLC not in Nintendo’s plans, according to producer

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Link in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
Credit: Nintendo.

Since Tears of the Kingdom arrived, Legend of Zelda fans have gotten up to a bunch of interesting hijinks in Hyrule.

From setting off on quests to find and detach every single Fuse part its world has to offer, to creating machines that can mimic the behaviours of animals, and even setting up racing leagues to test out their best vehicle builds, the creativity’s never ceased.

Streamers have also contributed to keeping the game in the minds of the masses, via some interesting challenge runs through it. However, it seems that those who’ve been hoping they’d get some Tears of the Kingdom DLC to dig into at some point in the near future are going to be disappointed.

Were you hoping that some Tears of the Kingdom DLC was in the works?

In an interview with Famitsu, as translated by VGC, Eiji Aonuma, Tears of the Kingdom’s producer, has poured cold water on the idea of releasing any additional content for the game.

“At this time, we are not planning to release additional content,” said Aonuma continuing: “We feel like we have already fully explored and exhausted the gameplay possibilities in this world.”

The producer went on to discuss the idea of possibly returning to the version of Hyrule depicted in Tears of the Kingdom and its predecessor Breath of the Wild, the latter of which received a two-part DLC delivered via an expansion pass, at some point down the line.

“If in the future we find a compelling reason, we may revisit that world once again,” he said, adding: “Whether it’s another sequel or an entirely new title, I believe the next game will offer a completely new experience. I hope you’ll look forward to it.”

So, it seems like the company could be starting to plan out a next entry for the series. Given that Tears of the Kingdom itself began life as a planned DLC for Breath of the Wild, before evolving into a large enough cluster of ideas to become a sequel instead, perhaps it’s not too surprising that the series’ developers look to have already set their sights on exploring potential ideas for a follow-up title.


Then again, it would have been cool to see the loyal legions of Zelda engineers who’ve been getting up to all kinds of hijinks and creating an unending number of cool gizmos since delving into the game for the first time potentially get a chance to add some new parts to their creations or take them to a new area.

Regardless of what you’ve been getting up to in Tears of the Kingdom since it arrived in May this year, make sure to check out our bunch of helpful guides that can aid your adventures in Hyrule by showing you how to find the secret Gerudo shop, grab a Hylian shield or unlock Skyview Towers.

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