Zelda Tears of the Kingdom player creates working piano

Link fusing something in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.
Credit: Nintendo

Link fusing something in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.
Credit: Nintendo

Since Tears of the Kingdom arrived, Legend of Zelda fans have spent an incredible amount of energy exploring the picturesque plains of Hyrule and enjoying what they have to offer.

While some players have dedicated their time developing mods that can give Link his own Gloom Hand or some weapons from his previous adventures, many have been drawn in by the allure of building interesting contraptions using an array of fusible objects.

So far, the cool creations of these Hylian engineers have done everything from unleashing waves of destruction on unfortunate enemies to driving across the ceilings of caverns. The latest interesting build to be produced by one of these technically-skilled tinkerers is a working musical instrument.

Have you had a go at building something musical in Tears of the Kingdom yet?

The melody making machine made by this would-be Beethoven, Reddit user LordOrgilRoberusIII, is a piano with seven keys. As demonstrated in a video of it in action they included in their post on r/HyruleEngineering, the instrument can be played by having Link perch his weight on each key, causing them to emit tones of different pitches.

While many of their fellow engineers were quick to praise LordOrgilRoberusIII’s work, others were quick to make suggestions as to how it could be improved or made more efficient.

For example, user linuxknight asserted: “This should be automated with spinning wheels/stakes that depress the keys for you,” while others suggested adding a vehicle into the mix, as user wanderXV managed to do in their attempt to bring Darude Sandstorm to Hyrule.

Meanwhile, user OSCgal pointed out that, in its current iteration, the creation is actually more like a Celesta, which is smaller than a traditional piano and sometimes features a wooden music box.

“Well, a Celesta doesn't use lasers, but true,” retorted LordOrgilRoberusIII, adding as a warning to others seeking create similar pianos: “Building it is easy. Playing it? Not so much.”

Regardless of what you’re getting up to in Tears of the Kingdom while you wait for its eventual DLC to arrive, make sure to follow us for a bunch of helpful guides that can aid your adventures in Hyrule by showing you how to find the secret Gerudo shop, grab a Hylian shield or unlock skyview towers.

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