Metroid Prime 2 Remaster and “something” Zelda-related in the works, claims Jeff Grubb

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Metroid's Samus Aran and Zelda's link.
Credit: Nintendo.

Though the publisher’s most recent Direct showcase left some of them concerned about Charles Martinet's status as the iconic voice of Mario, Nintendo fans have certainly had a lot to get excited about this year.

The likes of the Super Mario Bros. Movie and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom both delivered what hardcore fans of their series were looking for, with the latter continuing to see players push the limits of its building mechanics.

That said, according to Jeff Grubb, those who’re still hungry for more fresh Nintendo releases to dig into might be in luck.

Are you hyped up by the idea of getting more Zelda and Metroid soon?

Speaking to co-host Mike Minotti on his Last of the Nintendogs podcast, Grubb, who’s previously discussed the likelihood of a Final Fantasy 9 remake, said: “Metroid Prime 2 Remaster probably is coming out relatively soonish. That is happening.”

He continued: “Something not related to Tears of the Kingdom is happening with Zelda later this year, that’s what I was told. What do we do with that information, I don’t know,” re-stating in response to a question from Minotti regarding whether this could refer to remasters of Wind Waker or Twilight Princess that he isn’t sure.

Grubb also added that there should be a Nintendo Direct showcase coming in September, as has become the norm for the company, with last year’s, which featured the likes of trailers for Tears of the Kingdom and Pikmin 4, having taken place on September 13.

On ResetEra, many Zelda fans responded to Grubb’s claims by reiterating their desires for the retro Zelda remasters that Minotti mentioned, with a few also declaring that they’d love to see a new 2D Zelda title.

Regardless of what you’re hoping to see from Nintendo during the rest of this year, make sure to follow us for regular updates on the incredible builds and mods that Tears of the Kingdom players are putting together.

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