xQc and other streamers continue to push back against critics of gambling streams

Many other streamers, including xQc, have been at the center of controversy for putting on streams where they gamble. A lot of people are concerned that they portray a grandiose image of gambling because the websites themselves sponsor streamers. In response, these streamers have pushed back, which has divided the community. Sodapoppin and xQc claim that their gambling streams are the same as Pokémon card streams.

Moist Critikal and other streamers have spoken out against promoting gambling on Twitch. As Moist Critikal has stated himself, xQc has money to burn, so he doesn't get hurt when he loses money and therefore doesn't show the negative aspects of gambling. Moist Critikal also claims that xQc makes it seem like a big win is inevitable when it is not.

Is xQc right about Pokémon and gambling?

Buying Pokémon cards solely to obtain a high-value card for resale is gambling, but that is not the purpose of the cards. Pokémon is a card game that can be used for collectibles, just like Yu-Gi-Oh cards or Dragon Ball Z cards. In my childhood, we played the game, but some people use it for other purposes as an adult.

When you go to a casino, you expect to win money by risking your own. I've worked in the Las Vegas strip as all residents have; every casino game is designed to have the house win much more than it loses. Gambling is made for people to lose their money, whereas Pokémon is designed to keep their shiny Charizard (the very best).

So why do they compare the two?

Streamers like xQc and others do not lose money gambling. It's not the same for everyone else because they make lots of money, to begin with. In addition, they are making much more money from sponsors, subscribers, and ads while playing the game.

Many streamers feel the need to excuse these kinds of streams, but it's not necessary. It is up to Twitch what goes on their platform, and they have yet to take action concerning gambling streams. Some might find issues with what these streamers are doing, but the one who can change it all is the big company that's making the most money from it. Twitch seems to be more than okay with these streams.

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