xQc defends Twitch gambling streams against Moist Critikal

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xQc was playing on a gambling game, 'Book of Shadows,' on Twitch on April 22nd. He spent some money and his chat, and he had a good time. When xQc returned only two days later, many people had issues with it.

xQc came back to the same website on April 24th to gamble again, but with a sponsorship from the site. Several of his viewers believed he used his Twitch broadcast as an advertisement, but that wasn't the only problem. There were also other people concerned with how much money he was losing.


xQc lost over $70,000 at one point, leading many to wonder what kind of message he was sending to his fans. Moist Critikal gave his opinion against xQc, stating that xQc was sending the wrong message to his audience:

"I see gambling has become kind of big these days, and that's a little dangerous. I have never had a problem with it but I see a lot of young people, not necessarily here, but I was watching and it seems a bit dangerous I think. When you see one of your favorite streamers gets a huge payday and you are like an impressionable 15 to 16-year-old."

xQc claimed that his Twitch gambling was the same as Moist Critikal buying and opening Pokémon cards. In some packs, the cards were worth thousands of dollars, and packs cost money. Even though xQc confidently provided his argument, Twitch viewers were quick to spot how far xQc had stretched his claim.

Moist Critikal called this a "low IQ take" and stated that gambling and buying cards were different. Moist Critikal clarified that he only bought cards as entertainment, and he knew he would lose money doing so. In gambling, players spend money with the sole hope to win, and the outcome can be devastating at times.


xQc can afford to handle losses in the tens of thousands, but his audience is not in his same financial position. Whether that means he should or shouldn't stream is up to Twitch. For now, xQc has decided not to respond to Moist Critikal again.