Welcome To The World Of Palia A New MMO Where Players Can Choose How They Want To Play

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Join in the new community MMO sim which lets you decide how you want to play. Palia lets the player choose if they want to go out and explore the world, or just live a peaceful life in their own home.

Last week new studio Singularity 6, announced its first title Palia, a new MMO, with a focus on community building, exploration, and crafting.

"After disappearing thousands of years ago, humans have just begun to reappear across Palia. As one of the newly reemerged humans, you will have to find your place in the world. Uncover the mysteries of humanity’s past or just live a simple life - you decide!"

Welcome To The World Of Palia A New MMO Where Players Can Choose How They Want To Play

Palia is quite different from your traditional MMO, and that's what can make it succeed.

Many MMO titles try to follow the same formula as each other by leveling up, grinding a bit of gear and professions, and doing some end-game content.

Palia is different and it knows exactly what it wants to do, with less of a focus on combat, the game creates a vibrant world allowing players to garden, fish, cook, and even create their own homes.

Chris Metzen, one of the most loved developers that worked on World of Warcraft during its prime once said "the real main character of WoW is the world."

Many MMOs fail to capture this one important fact, the world should be the main draw to the game, and Palia might just be the one to overcome the failures of many recent MMOs.

You can watch the announcement trailer here:

While the game is still in early development, with no release date announced, players can sign up for pre-alpha over on the Palia website.

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