Koch Media Teaser Website Could Be Pointing To A New RPG Reveal This Friday

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It looks like the teasing for upcoming E3 2021 announcements has officially begun with eagle-eyed fans spotting a new website from Koch Media, currently livestreaming a mysterious room.

As spotted by a user on Reddit, a new strange website called "WeKnowSomethingYouDontKnow.com" has emerged in the last day or so and is registered to Koch Media, with the source code for the website linking back to KochMedia.com.

Right now, this website just plays host to a Twitch livestream of a mostly empty office room. The Twitch Channel has the same name as the website "WeKnowSomethingYouDontKnow".

When investigating the Twitch Channel you can find two clips which show a cleaner coming into the room and adding two items: a crown and a coffin. Another item, which we can't quite make out has also been added to the shelf.

Just now, someone went to steal the crown on the shelf and was chased off by the cleaner with a mace. That cleaner then left the mace by the shelf.

On top of that, when the user running the channel got Streamlabs working this message popped up:

The image shows a message displayed on the chat panel of the Koch Media stream.
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So, just what is Koch Media, and by extension, Deep Silver teasing? Well, there doesn't appear to be anything here that gives away what franchise this is for.

But, one bet which we would be willing to take is that this is teasing the next entry in the Kingdom Come franchise from Warhorse Studios.

Given that we have a crown (referencing the kingdom) and the coffin (likely referencing a lot of death in that time period) it seems like a solid guess. The website's code also references the game as being an RPG.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance released back in 2018 and the team have been hiring for some time. The first game took close to a decade to release after being developed, but we think it is about time we saw this new entry, now that the studio has found its footing.

Of course, this could also be referencing one of Deep Silver's other IPs such as Red Faction or the company might be teasing a new IP altogether.

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