Warzone players frustrated with "zero recoil" meta

Image showing Warzone players holding gun and riding in back of truck
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone players holding gun and riding in back of truck
Credit: Activision

Thanks to regular updates from Raven Software, the Warzone meta continues to change on a regular basis. In a bid to ensure a wide variety of weapons are used, buffs and nerfs to the arsenal aim to balance the arsenal with varying degrees of success.

With attention starting to turn towards the Season 5 Reloaded update, the guns currently making an impact on Caldera feature a fast rate of fire and thanks to the various combinations of attachments, recoil is kept to a minimum.

It’s safe to say the community isn’t happy. One player is “sick of zero recoil guns” claiming they ruin the game.

Warzone recoil ruins the game according to players

The claim comes from Reddit user “JOcean23” who believes the variety of weapons that have non-existent recoil impacts the pace of the game due to the lack of cover on Caldera. “I’m sick of zero recoil guns, especially LMGs that should have some amount even with recoil mitigating attachments,” says the user.

Due to their immense power, it’s not unusual to see LMGs such as the UGM-8 dominate mid-range engagements. In comparison to assault rifles, the lack of recoil means LMGs are the stronger weapons to use on Caldera.

Plenty of comments agree with the statement. One user says the lack of recoil in Warzone is “why a lot of folks switched over to Apex.” “CoD in general needs to be done with these laser beam guns and start adding some recoil,” says the user.

Although there are a number of other factors continuing to frustrate the community, the lack of recoil is an important one. With so many weapons capable of eliminating an opponent without any real need to perform any recoil control, the skill ceiling is non-existent resulting in a game where even the very best players can end up in the gulag once in a while.

Considering the current version of Warzone is in its final season, the likelihood of any major recoil adjustments arriving is slim. However, with Warzone 2 on the horizon, the new game could feature guns that need more skill to control.

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