Warzone pro claims certain long and short-range weapons are ruining ranked play in Season 4

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Screenshot of Warzone player holding a sniper rifle and Warzone player holding KV Broadside shotgun inside a dark cave
Credit: Activision

Ensuring competitive balance is maintained within the world of Warzone is a tall order. With Season 4 featuring an extensive arsenal of weaponry on offer and a wide variety of attachments to enhance their performance, there’s always a handful of guns that become popular due to their overpowered nature.

With Season 4 well underway, fans are currently getting to grips with the Tempus Razorback assault rifle and the ISO 45 SMG, but it’s other weapon categories that are catching the eyes of players dropping into ranked matches.

One professional player is claiming that short-range and long-distance guns are ruining competitive matches, following the most recent dose of weapon buffs and nerfs.

Snipers and shotguns are ruining ranked play, according to pro player

According to Warzone pro Fifakill, the most recent adjustments to Call of Duty’s battle royale have negatively impact ranked play.

Despite recent adjustments to health, sniper rifles still can still seemingly eliminate players with a single shot, resulting in a significant imbalance. Fifakill argues: “(the) one shot sniper/fire shotty meta is KILLING ranked play right now,” making clear his annoyance.

Although Fifakill isn’t a fan of one-shot snipers, others believe that they have a place within the current meta. Twitter user Hawkdown365 says: “High calibre sniper (rifles capable of scoring single headshot kills) should ALWAYS be a thing in FPS games,” implying there’s nothing wrong with the current weapon balance.

While snipers aren’t the concern of most Warzone fans, some recent shotgun buffs have caught their attention. The KV Broadside once dominated close-range combat and, although it received a nerf in Season 4, its Dragon’s Breath ammunition saw an increase in close-range damage that's resulting in players utilising the shotgun to their advantage.

It’s unclear if Raven Software plans to nerf snipers and shotguns in the future, but for now, it’s best to make the most of their immense power while you can.

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