How Warzone balancing could be improved, according to the community

Image showing Warzone player holding sniper rifle
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone player holding sniper rifle
Credit: Activision

Since the integration of the Vanguard arsenal into Warzone, the weaponry from Sledgehammer Games’ latest release continues to dominate the Pacific era much to the annoyance of players.

As soon as one weapon starts to dominate the meta, Raven Software often intervenes with a series of nerfs in order to stabilise the meta once more. With Season 5 on the way and the arrival of the EX1 energy rifle making its debut, there’s a high possibility of another dose of buffs and nerfs making their way to the battle royale.

With the list of the best Warzone guns changing on a regular basis, one player is suggesting a new approach to weapon balancing.

A new way to balance Warzone guns

Rather than nerfing the most popular guns into oblivion, Reddit user “CapitanoBob” says the developer should buff the less popular weapons to a point where they can compete with the strongest in order to increase weapon variety. “Buff all the other weapons to the point where they compete with every other weapon in the game,” says the user.

Those in the comments agree with Bob’s suggestion. Another user suggests another simple change capable of shaking up the meta even further.

“Add recoil to every weapon, simple.” The addition of recoil would add a significant gap in the skill level of players. Most assault rifles require little to no recoil control which makes the majority of mid-range engagements extremely easy to win.

Although the idea of Raven Software simply buffing the entire arsenal sounds simple enough, there’s only one season of the Pacific era remaining. However, the launch of Warzone 2 isn’t far away. Perhaps the developer takes this suggestion on board when it comes to buffing and nerfing a new set of weapons later in the year.

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