Warzone players desperate for return of Verdansk in Season 5

Image showing downtown Verdansk in Call of Duty Warzone
Credit: Activision

After four seasons of the Pacific era, the arrival of Caldera hasn’t had the impact many Warzone fans were hoping for. Despite regular adjustments from Raven Software, players dropping into the battle royale continue to request one small change.

Verdansk remains the most popular Warzone map by some distance, with players preferring the map layout packed with various points of interest (POI) rather than the steep hills and lack of locations on the Pacific island.

With the start of Season 5 on the horizon and with players continuing to search for the best Warzone sniper rifle, the community are calling on the developer to add Verdansk into the game for one last hurrah.

Warzone players want Verdansk back

The majority of players expect Season 5 to be the last for the Pacific era and with focus already moving toward the launch of Warzone 2, plenty of content creators are wanting to drop into Verdansk one more time before the new game takes its place. IceManIsaac says bringing Verdansk back will give Warzone “crazy momentum heading into WZ2.”

It’s not just content creators and professional players that want the original map to reappear. DJ and producer Marshmello also joined the discussion pleading with developers to “bring back Verdansk.”

Is Verdansk returning to Warzone?

With Season 4 Reloaded in full swing, there are currently no signs of Verdansk making its grand return to Warzone. However, that could all change if the demand is there.

Although the thought of Verdansk returning is one that will please many, the popularity of Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island remains high. This could put the brakes on any potential return but with Raven Software often listening to community feedback, there’s always a chance of Verdansk having one final moment in the spotlight before the new era of Warzone begins.

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