Warzone bug causes vehicles to sink through map

Image showing Warzone players using armoured truck
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone players using armoured truck
Credit: Activision

Since the start of the Pacific era, Warzone players have experienced a wide range of game-breaking bugs and glitches impacting the battle royale. Ranging from invisible players to the inability to equip armour plates, issues continue to appear despite the best efforts of Raven Software.

With Season 5 well underway, players continue to drop into the action before attention turns toward the launch of Warzone 2 later in the year. Even with the developer applying regular updates, the community has found another problem.

During a recent match, one player driving a cargo truck ends up sinking into Caldera’s solid ground much to their annoyance.

Warzone vehicles are sinking

Reddit user “supercas302” showcases a clip of them driving through the Dock point of interest (POI) in a cargo truck. After spotting an opponent standing next to some nearby shipping containers, they squeeze the truck through a gap in the fence before sinking into the ground.

With no way of escaping, the glitch brings the game to a premature end.

It’s not the first time vehicles have disappeared underground. One commenter reveals they first experienced the problem during the Verdansk era following the integration of Black Ops Cold War. Another says “the entire mode is freaking out,” suggesting the sinking is down to lag issues.

“Couldn’t get through an entire match without the game lagging out or my teammates not dropping,” says one player. Since Season 4, lag has affected Caldera matches despite players guaranteeing their connections aren’t at fault. In some cases, the poor connection makes the game unplayable leaving some unable to move.

Considering there are only a few weeks until the mid-season update, players are hoping the developer applies further fixes in order to stop sinking vehicles and lag from ruining matches.

In the meantime, check out our guide showcasing the best Warzone guns to use as part of a loadout.

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