Warzone fans furious over Season 4 Reloaded content

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Screenshot of Warzone Homelander Operator with red eyes and Ghost Operator holding gun towards the ground
Credit: Activision

When it comes to creating debate among Warzone players, updates to Call of Duty’s battle royale are always guaranteed to get people talking.

With Season 4 Reloaded right around the corner, Activision has already revealed a wealth of new content that’ll be making its way to the game. There are all kinds of additions in the works, ranging from the MX Guardian shotgun to Operators inspired by Amazon Prime’s hit superhero series, The Boys.

Despite all of the themed items that are en-route and the upcoming Vondel battle royale, community members are far from impressed with all that Season 4 Reloaded has been revealed to have in store so far, with some claiming it’s set to be the worst update in the history of the series.

Warzone fans unhappy with Season 4 Reloaded

Shortly after the roadmap for the mid-season update emerged, user Klaytn has taken to Reddit to ask fellow players: “What are your thoughts about Season 4 Reloaded (at this point)?”

Judging by the comments, there aren’t many people looking forward to its release. One fan says: “(Season 4 Reloaded is) the worst thing they’ve ever put out. (I like) the Operator skins, but the Field Upgrade is an awful idea.”

On the other hand, there are some fans excited about the imminent arrival of the Temp V Field Upgrade, which will include the ability to teleport and fire a laser beam in whichever direction the player decides to look, leading Another fan to add: “I’m excited to mess around with (it).”

In addition to the new content inspired by The Boys, another dose of weapon buffs and nerfs is expected, in a bid to spice up the existing meta. Unfortunately, one player in the thread lamented: “All I care about is balance changes, and most likely they’re going to be absolute crap once again.”

Despite expectations surrounding Season 4 Reloaded being at an all-time low, there’s still a good chance of Activision delivering some fun content, but, for now, the arrival of Season 4 Reloaded isn’t high on the radars of fans.

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