Warzone bug drops players into outer space

Image showing Warzone plane flying over map
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone plane flying over map
Credit: Activision

The final season of Warzone’s Pacific era is well underway and despite the best efforts of Raven Software, numerous bugs and glitches continue to affect players dropping into the action.

With members of the community already turning their attention to Warzone 2 following claims of the PPSH meta being “garbage” and the developer having given up on the game, players are still looking to get their final wins on Caldera.

The latest glitch impacting the game involves the deployment plane. Rather than starting the match over the island, it’s dropping players into outer space.

Warzone plane heads to space

Typically, the plane should fly across Caldera but in the case of Reddit user “tom_606,” a Resurgence match begins with a view of the universe instead of their intended landing spot. “So the plane decided to ditch Caldera and dropped us off the map,” jokes the player.

While he was unable to record the entirety of the match, Tom says the entire lobby ended up in space. “The plane started on Caldera, but in a very weird spot. It did not allow us to jump at all, and just continued outside of the map.” One player joked the bug “looks like a screenshot from Elite Dangerous.”

The switch from Verdansk to Caldera hasn’t been a successful one. With issues ranging from poor lighting to exploits allowing players to climb underneath the map, the calls for Verdansk to make a return continue even with the next chapter of the battle royale on the horizon.

With Season 5 Reloaded on the horizon, let’s hope Raven Software applies a fix in the not-too-distant future. While we wait for the plane to return to earth, check out our other Warzone guides showcasing the best Warzone sniper rifle to use along with all the intel on the next Warzone double XP event.

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